Divi Tree Along The Sea While driving along the coast of Aruba, near Eagle Beach, you find the most unique Divi Trees on the entire island.
The Twisted Heart of Aruba Along Eagle Beach in Aruba you will find these incredible twisted and contorted trees.
Niagara Falls in Winter Time Another moment from my shoot at Niagara Falls. I just love how the snow and ice built up this year in front of the falls. Gives a positive spin to this long cold Winter in Western New York, and makes me want to hit the road to shoot (and freeze while sho
Frozen in Blue The mighty Niagara Falls has succumb to Winter's freeze. Caught this moment at blue hour on a 9 degree evening.
A Philadelphia Night In Motion If you take yourself to the intersection at Broad St. and Walnut in Philadelphia, you will be treated to one of Philly's magical nighttime spots. All the buildings here are a bloom with washing, vibrant & colorful lights and a symmetrical depth and vie
A Beautiful Day at Rattlesnake Ledge Start the 2 mile hike up to the top of Rattlesnake Ledge, near Seattle in Washington State, and the pay off is worth every step. Not in the photo are the fun little chipmunks that were everywhere. This panoramic is 9 shots stitched together.
Seattle with Mt. Rainier The view of Downtown Seattle with the majestic Mt. Rainier in the background is stunning from Kerry Park.
Sunrise at Lake Louise Lake Louise is in the heart of Banff National Park in Alberta, Canada - and sunrises there can be magical over that turquoise blue, crystal clear, water.
Wallace Middle Falls Went for an amazing hike at the Wallace Falls State Park near Seattle, WA. This is the Middle Falls. It was my favorite of the three. This is a great hike...not too difficult, but lots of lush greens, that Pacific Northwest dew-mist air, and running water
Where All The Gum Goes If you visit Seattle, make sure to check out the giant gum wall. It's an alley near Pike Market where people have been smudging their chewed gum for years. Some people were very creative!
The Beauty of Mount Rainier Mount Rainier is mostly hidden in Seattle's stormy skies, but when it does come out, it's majestic and awe inspiring. In my travels to Seattle, it wasn't til the last day of my trip at sunset that I caught this behemoth Washington State icon.
Spiraling Beauty Beautiful patterns can be found anywhere. Here is a cactus showing us it's spiraling needles.
In Bloom It's winter in NY, but you can find much better climate and views at a Botanical Garden. This was a close-up with a beautiful desert dweller.
A Jellyfish Social A social gathering of these beautiful white jellyfish, mixed with floating debris, almost makes this seem like an extraterrestrial gathering in space. I could watch these guys swim around for hours. so fluid.
Nettle Jellyfish Floating In Space Nettle Jellyfish floating by. So fluid and love their orange colors.
The Lion Fish: King of The Sea This Lion Fish wanted his portrait taken, and who am I not to oblige this beautiful, yet deadly, predator of the sea.
This Is MY Toy! My Egyptian Mau, Horus, received a new toy the other day and he did NOT want to share it with his brother, Osiris.
Inside The Walls of Letchworth Park Letchworth State Park is in New York, just south of Rochester, NY. It's the Grand Canyon of the East, and no better time to visit then in Autumn with changing of the leaves. This was past Lower Falls, on the way to Middle Falls. It was truly amazing sce
The Lower Falls of Letchworth The Lower Falls in Letchworth State Park is a beautiful display of the Genesee River cutting through shale rock, cutting and winding through the park. This view is denied so many people by a piece of yellow tape put up to keep hikers out. This view should
Follow The Leader 3 jets putting on a high altitude dare devil act for fans of the 2012 International Toronto Air Show.
Solo Loop This high flying daredevil was caught in mid loop at the Toronto Airshow, in Ontario, Canada.
Caught in a Loop Headed up North to Toronto, Ontario, Canada for Labor Day weekend and caught this air show happening over Lake Ontario. Loved catching these jets performing their air acrobatics. Amazing!
Fireworks In Bloom There is something about fireworks that I love trying to capture.
Central Park: A Moment of Zen In a city that is constantly in GO, taking a moment in Central Park at this bridge and pond makes you feel miles away from the hustle and bustle of Manhattan.
NYC Public Library Reading Room Panoramic HDR shot of the NYC Public Library Reading Room. Such an amazing room. Saw this originally on HGTV's Urban Oasis show as artwork and when I was visiting NYC this past week I made sure to stop by and get some shots. I highly suggest visiting the
Buffalo Central Terminal This is the old Central Terminal used back in the day for trains and transportation in Buffalo, NY. Beautiful building.
Super Moon over Buffalo, NY an HDR shot of Downtown Buffalo, NY with last night's Super Moon.
Georges St. Pierre UFC Glove Product photo of an autographed Georges St. Pierre UFC glove.
Chicago Bean The Bean in Millenium Park is a must see when visiting Chicago.
Chicago Bean The Bean in Millenium Park is a must see when visiting Chicago.
Chicago Pigeon They are everywhere and they are watching you!
Chicago Bridges
Chicago Bridges
Chicago Bridges
Chicago Skyscraper Skyscraper reaching for the sky in Chicago, IL.
Chicago Bean Skyline The Bean in Millenium Park in Downtown Chicago, IL.
Yellowstone Lower Falls The Lower Falls of Yellowstone National Park's Grand Canyon
Pink Daisy
Flower 6
Flower 4
Flower 2
Tesla Sphere 8
Tesla Sphere 7
Tesla Sphere 6
Tesla Sphere 5
Tesla Sphere 3
Tesla Sphere 2
Yellowstone Lower Falls Yellowstone's Grand Canyon Lower Falls.
Grand Prismatic Pool A panoramic of the Grand Prismatic Pool in Yellowstone National Park. To get this view, you have to hike up a mountain side with downed trees and loose gravel. Worth the risk!
Bison at Yellowstone Bison are BIG and everywhere in Yellowstone National Park.
Grand Prismatic Pool colorful steam Grand Prismatic Pool in Yellowstone National Park
Baby Beach, Aruba - Amstel Bright Enjoying Baby Beach in Aruba with "sunshine in a bottle" Amstel Bright...so miss those!
Niagara Falls Shot from U.S. side of Niagara Falls
Buffalo City Hall Summer time in Buffalo, NY in front of Buffalo City Hall for Taste of Buffalo Festival.
Chicago Bean 2 The Chicago Bean is an amazing piece of art in the Millennium Park Area.
Chicago Bean 4 The Chicago Bean is an amazing piece of art in the Millennium Park Area.
Chicago Bean 3 The Chicago Bean is an amazing piece of art in the Millennium Park Area.
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